Welcome to the Novo Nordisk Inc. ISS Management system for investigator-sponsored studies. This site allows you to submit an application to Novo Nordisk for ISS support and is restricted to the submission of ISS grant requests only. If you would like to submit a grant request for an independent medical education program, please visit https://www.novonordisk.com/external-support

Please allow a minimum of 60 days for full review of an application. Novo Nordisk cannot approve an ISS application for a study that is already in progress.

Please note that submission of an application does not mean that Novo Nordisk has agreed to provide support for your study. Decisions are made only after Novo Nordisk has made a comprehensive review of your complete application. All requests are reviewed for scientific merit, compliance with legal, ethical and professional obligation, as well as fiscal responsibility.

Thank you for considering Novo Nordisk as a partner in scientific research. We look forward to reviewing your submission.

For additional information regarding the ISS submission process, click here for a Quick Reference Guide.

For any clarifications on data required to complete the application, please email novonordisk@steeprockinc.com.

If you need assistance, please call + 1 718-576-1406 or click here to contact your system administrator.